About me

When comes about promoting myself professionally, I let the results speak for itself. Pristine reputation is the cornerstone of my business. Expertise combined with hard work enables my clients to have the best information possible to secure them a high level of confidence and range of options when choosing Real Estate
When I am not working at I am either biking, swimming or running. I have felt in love with Triathlon and I eat and breath competitivity in my life. I believe that a strong mind requires a strong body. Going out of my comfort zone and breaking my barriers have enabled me to experience fulfillment and satisfaction. Being grateful for my job and my life has enabled me to be fully present and out there when is about serving others.

It all begins with being courageous, moving from Brazil with nothing, dealing with unpredictable circumstances and working through my personal ladder toward success. I see in myself a unique combination of being deeply caring, open-minded, together with having a strong outer game always aiming to perfection.

I will take on challenges at 150%, I will lean into things that are confronting & when I will push myself even harder. Driven to always improve yourself in your physical, mental & spiritual journeys. I love my friends and I proudly let them know it. I strive to share things that are enjoyable for people in your life. For me, being generous is giving other my full attention, time & energy.

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